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Hastings Road 1939
Sycomore Road 1991
1995 Phase 1 Abingdon
Rear of Capilano Road 1930s

The story of Perry Common starts with a farm and open fields in the early 1900’s. The need for housing has driven the development of the area. But streets and houses do not make a community...

What does make a community?
Boot houses ready for demolition
Working together
Talking together
Talking together
Overcoming Challenges
Overcoming Challenges
Serving for the greater good
Serving for the greater good

These are the values that empowered a community to overcome tremendous challenges from the first housing estate in the 1920’s to the present day. This is the story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Illustrated Perry Common Map
Children at Perry Common Community Centre
This is Perry Common's Heritage.
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